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July 08, 2013


This is all you need.

(Thanks to RusselMc)

But keep this in mind.

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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They always said that it destroys brain cells.

Beer is like your weird Uncle James--it can be a friend and companion, or a horrible leech.

In the UK, it's not just "ale" you can ask for "lager" as well. They'll look down on you for it, as they should, but you'll get a fizzy lager.

Remind me never to go to Georgia. How can you even read that scribble?

So Cwrw is another name for the Pints of Wales?

I am afraid I have to make a small addition, in Southwest England it should say Cider, hard cider that is, Strongbow, Sella Artois also has a very good one.

Of course Stella Artois all so has a very good cider.

That's not a good idea to make an exception for French Britain (the west pointed part of France) : this is going to make the few independentists there very excited. And Koref is a local brand (a good one, mind)

Obviously, drinking beer (and making maps of it) dulls your brain. These guys can't even spell "beer".

I love Hungarian for being way out there in left field, while surrounded by bier & пиво.

A söröm az öröm!

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