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July 23, 2013


German tourists in naked fountain strip

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Interesting quote:

...a local council spokesman said. "They were not noisy, we don't encourage it but it was a bit of a change and they were only there 30 minutes."

wow. a government official that thinks for him or herself... and makes sense. who woulda thunk it?

Snaps and schnapps don't mix well.

Are they single? The other blog ladies want to know.

The skinny one looks like Geraldo.

UH-OH! Speaking of Weinerschnitzel ! ! !

'Carlos Danger??!" WTF!!!

Speaking of Weinerschnitzel...

"New Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal? Explicit Chats, Purported Penis Pictures And Phone Sex Allegations Lodged At NYC Mayoral Candidate"

That fountain didn't look naked to me.

Say Purported Penis Pictures 3 times fast, ligirl.

Thirty minutes? I'm betting there was shrinkage.

lol jeff - or you could jes say 'pp pictures'

Dave could have least said "Male" German Tourists.. and then I would not have been so disapointed when I opened the link.

Uggh! Don't they know what Bismarck said? No one want to see the sausages.

'One local from Lyss said. "It was hot at 30C, but not that hot. The Germans don't need much of an excuse to strip off though. I don't think they had even been drinking."'

And why NOT? Slackers.

As said by a local from Lyss
who thought there was nothing amiss
'The Germans stripped off
there's no need to scoff
- as long as they don't take a p!ss'

Wrong gender.

Germans at their wurst.

One way to avoid laundromats.

*snork* at ligirl! Good one!

For those who don't speak metric, 30C is 86F.
That's nice outside weather and about what I need to be comfortable going swimming.
Call us when Summer gets there, Europe.

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