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July 23, 2013


9:43 p.m. Two teenaged girls were seen tossing swings over the top bar of a swing set. A deputy determined that nothing illegal had occurred.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Aren't many communities trying to crack down on swingers?

Also, Whitefish. heh.

Think I saw The Lethargic Alpacas open for Rush.

A Kalispell man requested that a stray 7-year-old boy be removed from his yard and 10-year-old boys who were lying across Spring Prairie Road sun tanning

Hmmm. Dave should write a book about stray, feral, boys.

OH my GAWD! Will the outrages never stop?

Where is the UN? Where is Seal Team 6?

Where are my glasses?

Flathead County: Alpacalypse NOW

Isn't that a case for the Safety Patrol?

i love that some one called 911 because they got mooned. i mean how does that equation work?


Can I be both shocked and appalled?

Alpacanado: It's a Total Spit-Storm.

Yes Mikey, feel free. Also, your glasses are almost certainly on your head, just like mine are. I found two pairs up there this morning. Would've been really nice if someone had told me.


Thank you. Just looked in the mirror!

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Flathead county is not that far from me, so I am going there just to see the"Hell on Earth" by myself.

Roberto I want to see Flathead County too. It's nice to see that the children are finding productive ways to spend their summer vacation.

So is the alpaca a Mennonite or just visiting?

Overbar Swing Tossing... Soon to be made a federal crime.

Two teenaged girls tossing swigs over the bar would be another matter.

nc, methinks we need to gas up the Geezer Bus and head over to Flathead County en masse (French for "I surrender!") so all of us can take the Blog Tour of the area.

You organize the Atlantic side of the country and I'll round up those of us on the Pacific side - maybe someone in Wisconsin will organize the Midwesterners?

(Naturally, we'll need matching t-shirts!)

Roberto! You are sooooo brave!

And the south? Don't we get to be in you crew?

Or your crew, whichever.

So sorry Mikey! I sorta thought nc would do double duty (East and South) but I'm sure she'd appreciate some assistance! See y'all on the Geezer Bus soon!

Snork at two pairs of glasses on your head. That would happen to me if I had more than one pair... I guess I qualify for a seat on the geezer bus.

klezmerphan I'll organize the South. Of course we will also need to do something so we can end up on the Flathead County police blotter. I'll walk around in a suspicious manner. That should do it.

And I once had a lady complain that her neighbor's sewage was crossing over onto her land.
Yes, indeed, for that was the route the city sewer line took, several feet below ground.
Every place is Flathead on occasion.

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