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July 25, 2013


New Species of Hero Shrew Found in Equatorial Africa

(Thanks to Jeff Matthews, who says "Hero Shrew opened for me once.")


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Why are they poking it with a stick? Never poke a shrew. Tame them, yes, but don't provoke them.

Hero Shrew WBAGNF an anti-villain in the Carlos Danger comic books

The band Hero Shrew first went by the name Armored Shrew but ran into trademark and copyright difficulties with the makers of the Armor All.

"The spine has been an enigma to evolutionary biologists, with no known adaptive significance."

I know evolutionary biologists take grief from time to time, but that's just cold. They have at least as much adaptive significance as, say, (wait for it ....) Anthony Weiner.

I welcome our new shrew overlords.

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