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July 03, 2013


After paying for the food, the man asked the employee for an extra cup of caramel for his coffee. When she handed the driver a cup of caramel, a woman in the vehicle's passenger seat took her shirt off while the driver put the caramel on her chest, records show.

(Thanks to Robert Shaw, who says, "One Happy Meal, please.")


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A bare breasted woman and caramel? I don't think you can go far wrong with that combo.


BTW, does "humorless scold" appear in the drive-thru job description? It seems all too common.

when did they start givng away caramel?

Lets not jump to conclusions. Maybe she was diabetic. Maybe there were deep seated fears of caramel dating back to horrific vists to Dariry Queen......

I'm obviously eating at the wrong diners.

What else would you expect from someone in a purple Chrysler 300?

I'd walk a mile for a caramel....

Caramel sundae with the cherry on top. Hey, where's the whipped cream?

Did they test for caramel residue? And match it with the caramel from the diner? Was Abbey able to find encrypted text messages showing that it was really the driver's first wife, disguised as Mark Harmon ... Oh, really? Life isn't like NCIS? Okay. Let's move on, then.

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