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July 22, 2013


For the man who has everything.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Dang... I was really hoping this was a scarf for my penis, not a scarf with penises printed on it. The winters can be brutal.

...or the woman.

190 thousand pounds? For THAT thing!? Really.

Well I suppose they could get it for the new king in waiting. But they shouldn't

Kinda big for a little schmekele

And no one was modeling it, thank heaven.

yes, duncan idaho, it's a head scarf -
maybe you should get a little muff for your


Wrap that rascal!

I was disappointed to find it referes to the pattern and not how it is waorn....

Guess I don't have everything.

For dickheads.

Someone had to say it.

Now I know the origin of paisleys. I will never look at them the same...

Snork at Ralph.

Hey, there are no Snoopys or Charlie Browns on that scarf. Scam.

I dunno - I think it'd make you look cocky

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