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July 03, 2013


Man Crashes Car Into 2 Cows Humping In Road

(Thanks to Rick Day, Jeff Meyerson and Ralph)


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"2 Cows Humping" WBA awesome NFRB

"No one will be watching us, why don't we do it in the road?"

The driver didn't know how to steer.

I have a hunch it was actually one cow and one bull...but who am I to judge.

What a crash. Lot of meat there. Usually people hit deers and turkeys not cows

Cowitus interruptus.

why do they have dash cams there??? yikes. i guess bessie told the bull to eff-off after that...

After seeing the video, it seems that actually, only one of them was even a little horny.

Queensbee, they have dash cams because there is so much fraud and so many faked accidents over there, drivers use them to prove it wasn't their fault.

MOOOVE over!

Could be two cows. SCOTUS said there's nothing wrong with that.

"Did the earth move for you, too?"

2 cows humping were the original second day of Christmas gift, but she took them back.

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