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July 18, 2013


HOA booted mermaid out of pool citing 'no fin' policy

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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No fin, or no f'in policy?

No fins, no tops, no service?

This is not the Florida I know and love.

Americans are weird. We're always nattering on about the government infringing on our rights, and yet it's our neighbors who are the real fascists. Well, not my neighbors, but you get my drift.

It was the brassiere made out of clam shells that sealed it.

We sold our condo and bought a house. When people ask about our condo experience, I tell them that I will never again place my financial health in the hands of seven strangers who don't care if I live or die.
Bad HOA! Bad!

She could have remained swimming, had she only slipped the lifeguard a fin....

Outlaw mermaids and only outlaws will have mermaids.

Steve--similar experience with HOA. No audit of books for over 20 years, rotten roofs in spite of $1,600 assessment for new roofs--and the top two spent a month plus world traveling... To be fair if run honestly, gives huge break on water/sewer/garbage costs. Glad we got out alive.

I think the mermaid should stand her ground and start carrying a concealed stingray.

Can a mermaid stand?

Many's the night
I spent with Minnie the Mermaid...
But not in the communitiy pool

Silicon is dangerous.

It actually is a decent policy. She could insure someone in the next lane over with it.

Farm-raised mermaid!

The Finnish swimmers are protesting.

It's disgraceful that in the twenty-first century Aquatic-Americans are treated as second-class citizens.

All HOAs go through a soviet stage of development. Some of them never grow out of it. Our neighborhood was better run under the benign dictatorship of the developer. You could usually get permission to do what you wanted on your own property. With the HOA, not so much.

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