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July 25, 2013


Washington D.C. is least honest city in America, study says

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Yeah, that's true enough

No one anywhere stole Honest Whipped Monkey Brains product.

In defense of the city in which I am sitting as I type this, I am going to bet that where they set up their little experiment is a place more likely to be visited by tourists and not by locals, so these results are skewed.

It's not theft, it's a tax. The Supreme Court says so.

In other news, dirt is dirty.

In other news, water is wet.

They are so dishonest that you shouldn't believe it when they say they are the most dishonest!

Hmm... Could it be because that's where we ship all our biggest liars every couple years followed closely by all the lobbyists?

Never would have guessed.

Marion Barry, just sayin'.

You cannot extrapolate this kind of thing from one attempt to measure a non-randomized sample of the population and their propensity to "steal" a product that the general population has never heard of and has no desire for. If they submitted this to a juried journal, the authors of the "study" would have their high school diplomas recalled and ...

What? It was just a marketing stunt? Oh. Not real science at all? Didn't claim to be? You're sure? Especially the part about 92% of people in Michigan? You know, I thought that looked a little off. Huh. Okay, never mind.

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