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July 15, 2013


A woman attempting to deploy nearly two dozen bug bombs inside her small New York City apartment caused a "partial collapse" of the five-story building, injuring 14 people, the fire department said on Saturday.

(Thanks to Jon Harris and DaninTustin)


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It's New York, after all. Did someone shout "Raid!"?

I had a neighbor who thought that if a little fertilizer was good for his lawn, a lot of fertilizer would be great for his lawn. Burned it to a crisp and had to replace the whole thing.

Obviously the only thing holding her building together was the bugs

ka-boom. dunderhead.

Yeah, it would definitely take more than a partial collapse to take out NYC cockroaches. Bedbugs require napalm.

Unfortunate consequence of using "Men in Black" bug bombs.

"I see your problem, lady. You were not, of course, intended to use actual hand grenades as 'bug bombs.'"

this is one of those stories that sounds like an urban legend but, actually happens all the time.

I was once able to rid my apartment of cat fleas with just one bug bomb. You are not supposed to stay around once you set it off. The woman should not have been anywhere near it to get injured.

Bug bombs are so twentieth century. Everybody's using bug drones now. Tiny little Hellfires on tiny little rotary-winged thingies. Works on squirrels, too.

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