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July 16, 2013


Denture jewelry.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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For some reason I thought this would be jewelry you put on your dentures. Not actual jewelry made out of dentures. Either way, no.

crown jewels?

Patient: "I'd like to have to some dental work to improve my looks."

Dentist: "Take a look at these pictures. Although they are dentures, consider the idea of you being better served to have me just yank all your teeth out and have an attractive comb made from them."

These attractive accessories go especially well with a seductive skull and bones top.

Can we get this geezer bus going any faster?

If you've got it, floss it.

I have an old set of dentures that I was going to give to a dental school, now I think I will make me some earrings out of them.


Holy Concentration Camp! The Party is on.

Transcendental design.

Oh, bite me.

That bracelet needs some braces!

Maybe it turns some people on. They can us them for mastication.

must be a healthcare train of thought nc-that's what I thought also. (Second thought-but what if I like the jewelry? I don't have dentures!)...the heat/humidity must be getting to me.

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