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July 02, 2013

Dear Dave (and/or JudI),
First time I write to to you. I'm one of your French fans (yes you have French fans - with your permanent jokes on us you only get the good-humored ones. Who read English. Not that many, so).
I thought this would interrest you, as this so incredibly stupid and mysoginistic :
I can't shake the idea that the CEO is maybe the one with "impure thougths"...
-- Juliette Leroux


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With the mention of the word mysoginistic, France immediately surrendered.

Bienvenue a Juliette!

"5) they are a private school and can make any decision they want"

They are free to decide to bite me. In fact, they may bite me twice. Hard.

I love it when Poker speaks French. *BITES* padraig for no particular reason.

I officially wish to nominate Juliette to become the official ambassador of French comedy. She's already out-performed both Jerry Lewis and... well, I'm out of French comedians!

I assume Juliette knows the difference between French football and the American game. Sounds like the CEO needs to read more current news and less scripture.

Juliette - please don't take the good-natured references to the Auld Alliance personally. As you've seen in the week's news, we here in Les États-Unis are fully prepared to do sneaky things to and say sneaky things about all of Europe, impartially.

I have mixed response. First, if a girl wants to play football and is capable of it, she is likely to show up the wimpy boys and scar them for life. That is probably what the CEO is afraid of. It's her parents' decision, not his. Let her play!

Second, knowing what I know about football injuries, I would not allow a boy of mine to play. Brain and joint scars are also for life.

I used to have an umbrella with "Merde, il pleut", emblazoned on it. Does that count?

So Blythe sends her child to a fundamentalist Christian school and is surprised when the "CEO" makes misogynist decisions based on what God told him as an answer to his prayers. I am shocked. Perhaps if she wore a Burka she could play? Wait, that wouldn't work, different religion, same perspective though.

1- Sorry for my pitiful english.
2 - I won't be able to explain to you the strange respect of some french people (well of some french old geezers) for Jerry Lewis, so I don't know if I would be a good ambassador...
3- Yes, I know the difference between football and soccer.
4 - Just read all this again with my awful french accent in mind.


If we can't mock the French we have no one left but Dave.

But Welcome to the funny farm!


Well, I guess that's better than "Il pleut de merde".

This blog is getting so cosmopolitan. You got your French from France, your British from Britain, your Canadians from Canadia and your Floridians from Floridia.

Roll Call! Any more foreigners represented?

Juliette, I'm positive you speak English much better than any of us Blogits speak French!

1) What do you call a person who speaks three languages? A. Trilingual
2) What do you call a person who speaks two languages? A. Bilingual
3) What do you call a person who speaks one language? A. An American

How about a Dual citizen, Canada/USA living in Washington State. The unemployment insurance pays more here!

My dad always said I was half human and half Norwegian.
Not sure what the other half is.

Hanna: You have three halves???

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