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July 11, 2013


Cops investigate after thieves steal road signs for village called Tiddleywink

(Thanks to Ralph)


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One of my history professors claimed that stealing roadsigns was a key part of wars in the days before reliable maps. William of Orange was able to stay on his throne as armies kept on missing his kingdom on their way through.

"So many years we suffered here,
Our country racked with Spanish wars,
Now comes a chance to find ourselves ..."

Wait. Where are we, anyway? Dammit,
William, where'd you put the signs?

re: 'William of Orange' story - pulp fiction?

I hadn't heard that one about either William the Silent or William II (I assume it was one or the other), but in WWII, the Germans did mess with the signage during their winter offensive. Turned signs around to confuse the 'mericans.

Hey, Sarge. Didn't this sign say "Bastogne" yesterday? Now it says "Bayonne". I thought Jersey was west of here a ways.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

How bureaucratic does it get when a village, that is obviously not new, has to prove its existence?

Look mite, it's people loik you wut cause unrest!

Not sure how they'll crack this case. Not like you can dust for tiddlywinks.

A name change for the town seems appropriate. How about " Studmuffin "...?

I thought it was a game played with little plastic chips when you had a child who needed a new pair of shoes...

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