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July 24, 2013


Louisiana duo throws stolen roosters from their car while deputies pursue them in Tuscaloosa Monday

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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As God is my witness, I thought roosters could fly.

Diversionary roosters is a new idea, and if it works, I'm sure Congress will want to hear about it.

Drive by Crowing.

Didn't Stolen Roosters open for Wings?

Wasn't this the plot of every Dukes of Hazzard episode?

Mama, Mama, take a look at Sis,
She's up on the levee,
Flingin' roosters like this.
I'm the winin' boy ...

Pheasant pluckers?

"Alleged Rooster Boosters" WBAGNFARB...

There is nothing lower than a Rooster Booster.

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