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July 02, 2013


Omaha resident Darrell Moore, 53, is alleged to have walked into a local police station, told them he'd just witnessed a murder, and then masturbated.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)

We considered making a joke involving the phrase "got off on a technicality," but we have too much class.


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Thank you, come again!

That's not how I remember the old "Man walks into a police station" joke

Go on and file your little report and consider this!

I've heard of vomiting when you come across (so to speak) a dead body but this is a new one.

I like the alternate photo. After the guy saw a crime and was on emission.

nothing good can come of this..

really? yer pullin my...........

He was just trying to provide them with a sample to test in case it was a murder/rape.

If they charge him with anything, he'll never get off.

"All right. That's enough. Put your hands on you head. Both hands. The big head. Thank you. Now, please tell me why you came here."

He was just trying to give them a DNA sample.

Mebbe he felt guilty about the murder and decided to abuse himself.

Real cute. Say Dave isn't tomorrow your birthday? Happy Birthday early

I bet he beats this rap.

Use your night stick only in self-defense.

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