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July 15, 2013


Make your own deer butt art

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Art my a$$!

um, no.

" top-tier deer butt alien heads " would be a good name for a TV reality series.

Also known as swamp boogers or wooly boogers, there are plenty of them available on eBay if you don't want to make your own. Insert booger joke here:

I've been on this site hudreds of times (DBA for a hospital). I know the Burleson guy was a bit strange butt.........


I'm not a particularly crafty kind of guy, but I can think of at least 1,000 other crafts I would try first before I took up deer butt art.

"Your anus can be made very simple, or you can stretch your anus for realistic effects such as smiles and frowns."

I'm pretty sure I've never that sentence before clicking on this link.

Andy Warhol meets Deliverance.

" top-tier deer butt alien heads " takes on a competitive note if you read "butt" as a verb.

The lower-tier deer are only capable of butting squirrel heads.

On a related note, for about a four month period in 2012, every road-kill deer from Mt. Sterling to Lexington KY was observed to have had the head removed.
Somebody I really don't want to know has quite the collection.

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