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July 12, 2013


Science Has This Average-Penis-Size Thing Nailed Down

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I'm not a guy but, should the terms "penis" and "nailed down" be in the same sentence?

i still have alot of Toys in the Attic....

one of them is my husband's big 10 inch



LiGirl: Only 10"? My records are much larger.

As the opening scene in Paul Simon's One Trick Pony said:

I understand. And I sympathize.

So that's the size of it huh?

Well, this certainly has been the week for news about male genitalia and I, for one, am glad the week is almost over.

Galloping theories and how to get the biggest erection and best condom fit just remind me how little use I have for the information. I've lived for 51 years with this equipment and I was never able to change it. But it has served me well and I have no complaints.

Nailed it! ouch

It sounds so much bigger in metric.

You know what, I feel much better about myself now!

I only showed them enough to win the contest.

Were the data handed over?

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