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July 25, 2013


A local business (who shall remain unnamed), received an inside tip on the gender of the royal baby from a supposedly reputable source. With complete confidence in their inside man, they ran a print run of 5,000 commemorative plates, celebrating the birth of the first Princess of Cambridge

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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I suppose that there will be people to buy that. It is something that you don't need though.


Um, whose picture is on there?

aawwww she's got her grandpa's ears

Hard to pass up a deal like that but I'll try.

I have a 1984 Chicago Cubs World Series shirt that I bought from the same kind of deal.

(Hint: the Cubs haven't been in a World Series since the year we first dropped the bomb on Japan)

I'm selling t-shirts of the 1984 Chicago Cubs World Series featuring the Princess of Cambridge as the designated hitter.

In a few years, this will be used as "proof" that the Royal Family is hiding the "fact" that the child is actually female but was being raised male in order to ensure a "male" heir to the throne.

The unnamed business probably had the whole lot made in China for a few hundred pounds, along with 5000 plates of the prince, and plans to dump whichever gender pooped out. The order would have had to go in months ago. They can still make a nice profit from the shlock.

Also, the listing doesn't tell you the size; can they substitute for clay pigeons?

"(Hint: the Cubs haven't been in a World Series since the year we first dropped the bomb on Japan)"

So, if I read between the lines, what the Cubs organization needs to do is ...

Joblot of 50 is only 149 GBP = 229 USD. Not bad, but what about the shipping? They claim "Europe and Worldwide Delivery", but their Delivery Estimator country menu only covers Europe. Oh, well...

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