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July 26, 2013


TV show gives away BABIES to win Ramadan ratings war

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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There's such a thing as a "Ramadan ratings war?" What, they can't eat so they watch more TV? Doesn't sound very religious to me.

Evidently the new parents are screened before they are given a baby. It just breaks my heart to think someone would throw an innocent child away like a piece of trash.

ok, who else read that as BARBIES ?

*checks head for glasses*


The losers get TWINS!

And two weeks in Pittsburgh.

Ahmed, you fool! I said "babes"! Who do you think we're advertising to, women?

Let's Make a Goat Trader Deal.

I saw barbies. Back of bus.

This is disgusting.

The first orphanages in England were founded by a guy named Cranmer, who also formulated the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. He was tormented by the cries of infants who had been thrown into garbage pits.

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