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July 09, 2013


Snake on a Train

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Lawyers are everywhere these days...

I couldn't get the video to play but from the grainy picture it looked like a garter snake or possibly a yellow rat snake. I doubt there are many of the rat snakes in Canada, so probably a garter.
I'm glad no one appeared scared enough to hurt it.
On a related note, my wife and I saw a black snake nearby yesterday that must have been nearly six feet long. I wonder how many field mice he'd eaten to achieve that growth?

Just imagine if it'd been a 30 ft reticulated python ? THAT would be the makings of a great movie !

It's a garter snake in the video. We spent the whole evening sitting around in the dark, so there could have been a 30 ft reticulated python for all we could see.

Maybe it was a snake who deactivated the brakes in Lac-Mégantic.

There's a MOOSE LOVING snake on the MOOSE LOVING train!

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