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July 08, 2013


Lady Gaga is creating a fresh stink in the music business – because she can’t stop farting

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Oh it must of been surreal. What's the matter with the trainer. What no cabbage. So unlady like.

Q Why do I suspect the farting is intentional?

A It's Lady Gaga.

I would say it's intentional. Anything to get attention. Did somebody say narcissism?

OK, let's all pretend we've never gotten rid of a rat-killer.

She's just working on a new album.

There was a rumor awhile back that Gaga was transgendered. Farts and enjoys it like a man. Hmmmmm. NTTAWWT.

Album? Jingle Bells in fart noises has been done.

There she goes ripping (one)
off Madonna again.

It is actually ironic that she started a new diet. Didnt she have a blog recommending women to accept their bodies regardless of shape and size?

You're all overlooking the subtext here. She had "hip" surgery. Well, of course she did, and that's what's wrong with Manilow. He had unhip surgery.

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