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July 05, 2013


...we need to blog something that really is brilliant.


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I hope they passed the audition.

classic Beatles

Sometimes I forget how very, very good they were. Now I have to go pull my pups out from under the bed. They both ran and hid when I started dancing around the living room.

Thank you, Dave. I feel fine now.

Hee, just played all the early Beatles last night to drown out the fireworks for my poor doggie.... Also, just been looking at the Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Beatles, and making my own lisy.

So I, too, feel fine.

I wish I had George's Gibson.
Probably bought it for about $75.00 back then.

Like Do you Want To Know A Secret, Pattie Ann Boyd had a lot to do with the song.

Eric Clapton, "I'm in love with your wife."

George, "I've written all I'm going to write about 'er. You can have her.."

Eric. "You look wonderful tonight."

The song is genius. Do you promise not to tell?

They were a damn tight band, and George is quite underrated as a guitarist. All that early stuff on 4-track - check out Hard Day's Night (the whole LP) - just brilliant.

Guitar bands are on their way out.

Ahhh such great memories...such a simpler, less complicated time. Post-war brats like me were just coming into oor own, and finally realizing that we had really, really been poor growing up, given that our fathers had spent the most productive years of their lives fighting the war, and once it ended, had to try to get their lives back together. Given that we all lived in post-war housing, we simply had no idea we were poor, given that everyone else was in the same situation.

The Beatles were such a immense force at the time in terms of their impact on popular culture.

Thamks for posting this Dave...brought back very many great memories.

*Sigh*. I thought boy bands were over with

Shoulda had tis for Dave's Birthday!!!!


george harrison was arguably the greatest guitarist of the rock n roll era. that song is so quaint tho. but it was a big hit.
beiber and them - do not hold a candle to the greatest band who ever lived.

Love this but had forgotten just how seriously doofy Paul's haircut and bangs were

Each of them individually was great, but the balance of pop-music savvy (Paul and Ringo) and indie-band experimentation (John and George) was genius. Not that they didn't all have a good dose of each. Also they weren't over-managed and over-produced before they established their sound; it grew out of lots of long nights in Hamburg and Liverpool clubs.

What really blows me away is that any aspiring "musician" can walk into their local music shop and, for less than $500, buy a mixer/recorder that would be miles beyond anything that existed back in the mid 60's. Can you imagine what The Beatles could have done with Apple's GarageBand, as opposed to the way they had to record continuous loops of sounds and play them through a modified tape recorder, creating a literal mechanical synthesizer?

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