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July 25, 2013


Why Is Florida So Weird?

(Thanks to John Grant)


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It's the weirdness magnet in Miami.

Dave seems to like it.

“Florida has about 19 million residents."

We have that many residents standing outside Home Depot looking for work which is reognized as Mexico's official Employment office. LA being Mexico's capitol.

It's all the bad driving.

i was just going to send this one. its the water.

It has that odd tourist attraction where cars roll up hill. Well... That's kinda weird.

theresa wins


It seems weird to beat the Blog, but I wouldn't say that's proof that Florida is weird.

Other states, by the way, are trying hard. Like New York.

@Just Some Guy -
'The married Democrat told reporters he thinks he's had the racy online chats with a total of six to 10 women -- with no more than three of them happening after he resigned from the House over similar conduct'.

i'm not a city resident, but this is un-EFFIN-believable. Weiner MUST pull out!

Dave lives there.

All of these comments are plausible explanations. I was reading the article...and reading and reading...and when I realized I was only half-way through, I decided I didn't want to know why anymore.

Clankie -- I tried that in a van and it didn't work. Roll up the hill, that is.

I think it's the climate that draws the weirdos, then it drives them insane. Drinking the water doesn't help, either.

After seeing Dave recommend Carl Hiaasen many times, I finally dived into "Skinny Dip." Very funny but - it was like one long DaveBlog

Thank Gawd it isn't Flathead County!

My own theory is that it is related to reason Florida doesn't sink unto the ocean, it's something that Georgia does. It might also have something to do with the tendency of Floridians to spend lot of time adsorbing radiation from an unlicensed fusion reactor.

I researched this and identified three main causes:

a.) I-10 eastbound
b.) I-75 southbound
c.) I-95 southbound

Secondary vectors for the inflow of weirdness seem to include airports MIA, MCO, TPA, and JAX.

Also, there may be a space-dimension to the problem.

As population grows, the small percentage of totally nutty people gains in numbers and visibility. And there must be something in the water.

It does look like an Anthony Weiner tweet. That's sorta crazy.

We're trying hard up here, but due to the economy, we just can't afford to be as weird as FL. Hell, we're not even as weird as Flathead County. Kinda like the Soviet Union.

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