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July 21, 2013


Have we got a job offer for you.

(Thanks to Patricia Pennell)


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Hey, maybe they could fly. Can you prove they couldn't? I thought not.

What does a velociraptor sound like? And how do you know? I don't think she needs a paleontologist. I think she needs a therapist.

She needs a beyond-the-pale ontologist.

She needs a map to the nearest public school, and a new hobby.

We had five male turkeys in the driveway this morning. They did look pretty prehistoric and all that.
But when I went out they ran like scared...chickens.
Three ran. Two flew off.

As God is my witness, I thought velociraptors could fly.

A big Dominicker rooster is definitely a descendant of T-rex. You can look in his eyes and see it. If you turn your back on him, he will run up your legs and back, spurring you every three inches. They are evil birds and deserve to be eaten. I used to have to throw a towel on one to stop him from chasing people in the yard.

Your husband is right, lady.

Let's see...Jurassic Park DVD, check...print-out from Wikipedia, check...son's Halloween costume from three years ago, check...packing my bags!

Well, at least (unlike most home-schoolers I've known) she doesn't deny that dinosaurs ever existed. I'd like to hear her views on flat earth, though ("Teach the controversy!")

Oops, gotta go. Fed-Ex is here with the handbasket.

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