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July 06, 2013


Hostess to freeze Twinkies to extend life

(Thanks to Loudmourh


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Like no one ever thought of this before?

I don't think so.

I hope that it works out because the name Hostess has been around for long long time.

At state fairs in Arizona, they deep-fry Twinkies.

"The old Hostess baked Twinkies, HoHos, Ding Dongs and other goodies at nine plants and got them on shelves within 48 hours using its own delivery drivers."

Sounds like stage direction in a porn flick.

I saw Frozen Twinkies open for Cake.

The encore act was Rancid.

Completely off topic, but couldn't resist. Watching TV and just saw a commercial about a "pocket hose" that "grows and grows and grows". Really!

They said "Why play tug of war with a giant hose?" "Why keep hassling with a heavy hose?"

This keeps making me think about trouser snakes.

'Cause 10,000 years ain't enough (45 days is just a suggestion).


Freezing stuff makes it last longer?????

So THAT is why I have this really cold section in my refrigerator!!!! I put water in it once and got solid water!!!!

"Hostess to freeze Twinkies to extend life"


Scum sucking, union busting scab Twinkies! Freeze 'em forever!

As a recovering convenience store clerk, one thing I liked about Hostess was freshness. I hope their new system is as good.

If they came up with a low carb Twinkie, the new owners could take over the planet.

As long as they don't mess with my Ding Dong's I'm good.

If it extends my life, they can freeze all the snack cakes they want!

What's the point? They're already immortal.

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