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July 12, 2013


Clap On, Clap Off: Remove This Bra Simply By Clapping Your Hands

(Thanks to Carl Youngdahl)


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Push, pull, click, click.
Change blades that quick.

That's a geezer stagecoach ticket, for sure.

This would have been great for me when I dislocated my shoulder and broke my collar bone a few years ago. Other than that, no.

This calls for a round of applause!

I was honestly unaware you can get clap off a bra.

Beware of backlash. Kim Kardashian wears one to a show. The standing ovation wipes out 4 people behind her.

If someone clapped at work, would that then constitute sexual harassment? :)

I learned to unclasp a bra with one hand while kissing in the 10th grade. It is not rocket science. This is a solution to a non-problem. Use first two fingers and thumb of left hand.

Why, yes, young lady, I'd be more than glad to take you to the theater.

The first thing I pictured was a very awkward day for a kindergarten teacher.

The applause precedes disrobing?-- seems backwards. As is often the case, I was born too soon to make use of yet another breakthrough.

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