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July 27, 2013


A caller reported that his neighbor was screaming in his backyard about how Steve Martin can’t play the banjo.

(Thanks to Omaha Bridget)


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Speaking of Steve Martin and the banjo, watch this.

He's actually quite good at banjo.

Steve Martin is an excellent banjo player. That's a great video JSG but I prefer this one where he's playing with my cousin Earl Scruggs.

Your cousin?! I bow to royalty. That's a great video.

I'm a keyboard player, mostly, but my wife knew I always wanted a banjo, so she asked a luthier friend to make one for me. It's a thing of beauty, but I can't really play it. Roger McGuinn once played it; that guy can play anything with strings, I think.

I've seen Steve play at Jazzfest in New Orleans. Whatever else you might think of him the man can play.

I know that it takes all kinds in this world but Steve Martin plays excellent banjo. I was quite amazed.

Steve's a splendid player, but Earl...

Gillian Welch also plays banjo, but before she picks it up she gives a shy smile and apologizes that there are some things *polite* people don't do in public, like play the banjo...

I used to like bluegrass when I was young and stupid. I can barely tolerate it now. Even tried to learn to play banjo until I realized I don't have the patience to learn any instrument. However, I have a couple of clever Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers songs on my iPod.

Nursecindy, OK!

The neighbor obviously had Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Once again, my posts are vanishing here. Again.

This person had a Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Thanks everyone. Not only was he a wonderful banjo player he was also a very nice man. We all miss him.

PirateBoy, great link! Look at the smiles on all of the players' faces. The only thing better than listening to this song played that well would be actually participating in the playing.

Steve Martin can't play the banjo? Who's stopping him? Who is persecuting Steve Martin? Is it the squirrels? DAMN SQUIRRELS

No, it's the Indians.

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