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July 08, 2013


Restaurant Photographs Its Burritos Next to Babies to Prove Their Size

(Thanks to The Perts)


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So that's why, after eating a giant chimichanga, I feel like I've eaten a baby...

I saw that last week.

I also saw Baby-Sized Burritos open for The Hoff.

Eating that much food at once is probably a good way to prevent a baby.

My wife had an enchilada in San Diego that made her go into labor in the bathroom about 2 the next morning.

Dear, the baby and a whole bottle of hot sauce are missing.


So, is that where they get the fil...
Never mind

Just so long as you don't confuse the baby's last diaper with the burrito which may or may not share certain visual characteristics but (hopefully) not any olfactory characteristics.

What a clever idea! Look at those babies! They're the size of burritos!

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