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July 25, 2013


Monopoly eliminates jail time because kids are too busy

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I use to love Jail when I played Monopoly. That's when I'd go get another snack or attend to some personal business,iykwim.

The last time we played Monopoly as a family, we had two alpha males (husband and son-in-law) who got so competitive it was not fun at all.

But nobody is in jail, so I guess it helped with that.

I like monopoly but it does take quite awhile to play. Kids to me are busy doing unimportant things. I never see them play outside so they must be inside with Ipad, on computer, watching TV ect.. I do see them at the beach though.

Other accelerated games coming on the market soon:

Sorry ... Gotta Run
Scrbl Txt

And can't you imagine the re-release of "Mystery Date 2.0", which uses both nerd men and nerd women behind the 'dating' photos?

Now singing: "Open the door, for you (knock! knock!) Mystery Date.

Up next: Twister 2.0, now rebranded as "Twisted".

I have been saddled, I mean had the privileged of watching my 3 teenage grandchildren and their friends.
They can play video games for every waking hour, go to sleep, and wake with the same game in their head ready to go!

Does no one else think "Monopoly Empire" is just a touch cynical as a name for a board game?

"Oh boy! I landed on Berlin Conference! I get a chunk of East Africa! And I take a card ... "

"Ha! You have to advance to Morocco, and I'm already there with an army. I get your gunboat!"

"I hate being Germany."

All jokes aside, jail in monopoly served as an important tactical maneuver in the late game. Three turns without landing on your hotels while you land on mine? Yes, thank you.

Now they're taking that away? WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN.

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