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July 18, 2013


'Sharknado 2,' set in New York City, greenlit by SyFy Channel

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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There was a Sharknado I?

They're all ready here:

'What US state has the most lawyers per capita?
In: Law & Legal Issues, Lawyers
The District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) has the most lawyers per capita, but D.C. isn't exactly a state. New York is the state with the most lawyers per capita.

They were looking for a tag line for the new movie.

How about, This Time They're Here for Your 32 Ounce Sugary Drinks?

OK, maybe it needs a little work.

it wouldnt last in many neighborhoods in nyc. please.

".. the project is not even at the script stage ..."

They actually write scripts for these things?

Maybe they meant "scrip stage". Somebody is on something, for sure.

If they land on the wrong side of the street, they'll get ticketed and towed.

In Brooklyn, the squirrels will take care of them quickly, so fuggedaboutit.

Will they be driving cabs?

If Jack isn't going after Sharknados in the upcoming season of 24, I'll be very disappointed. Unless one of the sharks eats Audrey. ... that'd probably get the poor thing sick though.

I guess that means they won't even look at my script for "Tarantulanche" now. Damn.

How about the tornado hits a sewage treatment plant instead. The movie could be called Sh** Storm. Starring William Shatner.

Putting the, uh, shat in Shatner?

*snork* at FK

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