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July 15, 2013


French fry order sparks standoff with tomahawk, crossbow in Warren

(Thanks to Jerald Nichols)


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Many police are not so "understanding" when a deadly weapon is pointed at them. While amusing due to the involvement of a tomahawk and bow, the guy's flip-out over an order of fries indicates s non-humorous mental impairment.

As Mr. Barry can no doubt attest, had this incident played out in Florida, it would have been...brief, in that being armed with a tomahawk and a crossbow is considered woefully "underdressed" and "unaccessorized" for participation in violent standoffs, much less initiation of the same.

Any response from the French?

So...at least one person went to " The Lone Ranger " this last weekend.

Underdressed? Sounds overdressed for FL.

Why do I have a sudden urge for french fries ? And a Burger ?

tomahawk throw

Classic! Thank you ligirl!

Okay, as long as we're digging into the archives, there's this item from a bygone era.

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