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July 09, 2013


Police in China said smugglers had 46-year-old chicken feet

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I don't want to look at the expiration date on the catsup -- which is stored in the fridge.

Chicken feet have an expiration date. Good to know.

I would be insulted if somebody told me I had 46-year old chicken feet. Of course, in middle school, they used to call me "Chicken Legs", so I guess I wouldn't be too surprised.

I heard the new album by ChickenFoot (Sammy Hagar and company). It sounds like they expired a few years ago...

they were keeping them where, for the past 45+ years? were they frozen since 1967? that is really unbelievable.

No no, they were the feet of a 46 year old chicken. No spring chicken, obviously.

I wish crows feet had an expiration date.

Tom Monaghan,the founder of Domino's, is quoted as saying he has the veins of a 55 year old, but nothing about chicken feet.

Somehow the thought of Foghorn Leghorn saying "The dawg did it boy, the dawg did it", in Mandarin, seems less funny. Possibly because the Chinese would eat his feet.

I believe I've mentioned investigating a complaint of chicken breasts, I think, five years past the pull date.
But that was five years in an industrial freezer before someone goofed up and sold them.
The lab found the chicken to be basically sterile. No big deal, except the chicken was probably pi$$ed.

They won't get far on chicken foot.

.............."22 tons of expired meat from the Vietnamese smuggling network in May, including expired chicken feet, tripe and throat....."

THROAT ???? Who would care about the expiration dates on any of these?

I never ordered chicken feet in China, but not because I thought they were past the expiration date.

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