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June 23, 2013


Pub signs.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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One of my favorite pub signs said: Free beer, topless bartenders, and false advertising.

Oh the other hand, watching CSPAN puts you to sleep for 8 hours and it's less expensive.

What if your husband's gay and you have penis size issues?

Just curious.

I wonder what Jeff's been drinking tonight? NTTAWWT.

That's cute. With the help of booze you can numb your problems temporarily. Just look at those problems

Love that!

I'm worried about the size of my dog's penis. Make mine a double.

Ah. And I can remember when beer trucks were not allowed to transit "dry" areas of Eastern Kentucky because of the fear that their very presence would encourage someone to drink.
I had an uncle, by marriage, who preferred to do buy his liquor from bootleggers in our dry area rather than from the liquor stores in Huntington.
His reason? The liquor stores didn't deliver.

cant beat that. even tho i dont drink...

Sometimes temporary numbness is a treatment. When I have a totally rotten day, a glass of wine just evens things out a little.

Alcohol, a liquid that dissolves reality.

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