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June 21, 2013


Men Over 40 Should Think Twice Before Running Triathlons

(Thanks to Steve @ Secret Location)


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'For men competing in triathlons past the age of 40, the grueling slog to the finish line could be their last.
The 40-to-60-year age bracket, often referred to as middle aged men in Lycra, or Mamils...'

I saw Grueling Slog open for the Mamils

Hmm, I've only thought about it once, so here it is I'll think about a second time.....

No, absolutely not - what are you smoking? I'd ask for some, but it might make me think I could run a triathlon.

I thought 60 to 80 was middle aged.

Key quote: "... there is no good test to see if someone is at risk of sudden death.”

You could try poking with a stick after death as a test and be pretty reliable.

So far, I have thought about running triathlons approximately, oh let's see, zero times. When I get to one, I'll cross that "twice" bridge.

I'm no longer interested in athletic activities that don't include beer.

Although ...

Quick! Don't think about running a triathlon!

It wouldn't be a bad idea for women over 40 to think about this before they run a marathon.

::My triathalons consists of golfing, drinking and joking.

What about men over 60? OK?

I was told by a doctor that the first sign of heart disease in 25% of the people who have it is sudden death.

Does this mean we don't have to mow the lawn and take out the garbage anymore ?

I don't do anything that has a "tri" in it.

Clankie, Of course not, if you like sleeping on the couch.

If I suffer "sudden death", I'm leaving instructions for my funeral to be a "surprise party" themed affair.

All those links, and none to the governing body for triathlons. the only one to the governing body for triathlons is hiding behind holds ?

Triathlon leads to triage.

Mikey - not even one of these?

I don't run unless something really large is chasing me. And even then I have to think twice about it.

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