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June 19, 2013


The wheel was invented in the Middle East. Here it is. And yes, it still works.


Tempting though it may be, you must not wet on the mosaic.


The Romans and Greeks built numerous ruins here in the Middle East. Each visitor is allowed to take one home. I have chosen this pillar.



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Walter went with you?

I don't think the fig leaf is big enough to cover your pillar.

There, see? That's effective camouflage.

Looks like Dave is doing the "Look, Ma, no hands!" thingy while he wets on the pillar.

I think campfires are permitted. Why not try?

No dogs allawed? I'd be afraid if I had a dog, since I don't know what "allawed" means. Maybe it means they can't piddle on the pillar?

Dave has been pilloried?

This all looks suspiciously like Disney's " Holy Land World ".

Stop the presses - Dave ran out of blue shirts.

That pillar will look great in your foyer! I would have gone for the wheel.

I don't know. It looks salty.

I often visit the location of the invention of the other quintessential wheel (of cheddar), Wisconsin. More tasty and easier on the dentures.

That's not a wheel. It's one of Madonna's nipple rings.

cindy, I think the "don't pee on mosaics" sign would be a real conversation piece in Dave's living room.

Didn't Dave used to have his own fresh column? Why does he need a boring classic version?

Ralph, as that classic schoolboy essay once said: There are three kinds of columns.

Doric, Corinthian and Ironic.

Asked and answered.

welcome to the country...shalom!!!

If you wet on the mosaic

you have

a wreckedtile dysfunction

I thought you quite being a columnist.

Flintstone spare or caveman unicycle?

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