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June 14, 2013


It's time to play a Where's-Waldo-style game called "Find the Gentile in Jerusalem's Machaneh Yehudah Market."



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The guy asking everyone who serves the best BLT in town.

The guy wearing the blue shirt, of course.

Is that guy behind you Edward Snowden?


It should also be noted that Yaakov Gesundheit is possibly the funniest name ever.

"Be quiet and eat your schiksa"

Well, duh. Blue shirt, hello?

Actually, Dave looks like he's eyeing that guy's bag o'bagels hungrily.

Aren't they feeding you, Dave? Eat something, you're skin and bones.

OK, I'll stop channeling my late grandmother now.

With a name like David, he fits right in.

It's the new goy on the block.

I think we can spot him even if he doesn't drop his pants.

Snork at Howard.

Wasn't Dave wearing a blue yarmulke when he went rappelling?

Busy market place

Blue shirt? I believe there's more blue shirts in the background. Spooky.

Everybody looks so happy! This is definitely my kind of place.

1) Gay (NTTAWWT) guy in the foreground with the striped shirt.

2) Oblivious looking guy in blue shirt seemingly from another planet.

I think we'll have to get Gene (who's penis bone is smaller than Dave's) involved. Just for the expert opinion.

My buddy Wayne visiting Israel also. If you see him say hi.

Sheesh! I can't read a single one of those signs! It's like those guys have a different word for everything, over there!

It's a " Where's- Waldostein -style " game there.

Machaneh Yehudah sounds like a character from The Lion King.

Or maybe I remember them opening for Manilow back in '87.

...and the rabbi says "It's better than ham!"

Daves thinking, "Phuket. I should have gone there."

Cherchez la chemise bleu!

Is that Mel Brooks?

It's the guy with the yellow tie, right?


i would remind everyione that not all jews, in israel or elsewhere, are hassidim, with the hats and beards and all that. so, other than that, how can we be sure that dave is a shaygetz (a gentile man)? put a hat and coat on him, and he can hide in plain sight!

waldo schmaldo

A print-rich environment is comfortable for a writer. What I want to know is did Dave crack a joke or are they just naturally that happy?

Goy ahoy! Oy!

My Shabbas goy secret: Blend with a beanie.

And now, a round of Spot the Loonie!

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