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June 05, 2013


In the foreground of this picture is Hula Rabbit, a stuffed toy featuring a brassiere and hula-style skirt (not shown). Somebody has ripped a hole in Hula Rabbit and started pulling the stuffing out. In the background, we see Lucy, who is looking alertly around for possible suspects.




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Fire Judy!

That happened at my house yesterday. My dog and Lucy may be looking for the same suspect.

I blame Al Gore.

Form a perimeter!

She'd been framed. It was the squirrels.

I'm sure Lucy will have this solved in no time.

Those terrorist bastards!

Elementary, my dear Watson. What has Lucy done with her pipe and deerstalker hat? And violin?

I bet it was Mrs. Blog. Can't trust those sportswriter types.

Does the bunny bra fit correctly?

Ripping that ugly thing up was the only sensible thing to do.

Lucy's got some 'splainin' to do

( ... or maybe Dave's been out of town too much??)

Definitely. That dog has a guilty conscience.

Dogshaming. She's a perfect candidate.

Yeah. When Stewie gets a new doll, he always winds up quickly surrounded by what looks from a distance to be snow or cocaine. From the look on his face, it could be either.

My grand-dog, Sophie, always gums a new toy to find the squeakie part. Lucy just got carried away.

Lucy isn't looking for the perp; she's waiting for her Meritorious Conduct award.

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