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June 19, 2013


Mother, Son Accused Of Stealing Frozen Gopher Feet

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Paging Bill Murray...

Great big gobs of greasy, grimy gopher feet ...

turning gopher parts into $5,000 is a feet of magic...

They won't get far on . . . Oh, never mind.

Frozen gopher feet - the paws that refreshes.

I'm a leg man. I don't gopher feet.

Omni beat me to it....

Gopher broke?

Julia Child would have known how to prepare gopher feet.

I saw Frozen Gopher Feet open for The Chipmunks.

There's not much lower than gopher feet, except gopher feet rustlers. Hang 'em high.

Even I wouldn't go that low. I have standards. At least I have that going for me.

Caddyshack 3?

omni beat me too it also. it was the first thing that popped into my head. did we all sing that at summer camp?

Feets don't fail me now..

Never went to summer camp, but I remember thinking the words were "gropha grits" ...

We always sang it "gopher guts." Came from a small town. But, we knew what to do with frozen gopher feet, make a mean chicken salad if your blender can handle it.

I never could remember more than the first line, so naturally my so-called mind has been pestering me for days with this version:

Great big gobs of greasy, grimy (etc),
Naughty nasty naked nuts,
Bold and brassy beaver butts,
Jesus Christ appearing on the back of mutts,
Right here on the blog.

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