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May 14, 2013


Police say a Quincy woman is facing charges for allegedly punching a restaurant worker who put "too many pickles" on her steak and cheese sandwich.

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People are funny about pickles. I worked at a food place once where there was this guy who finally, after weeks of staring, put his organ in the pickle slicer. They both . I don't blame him; she was cute.

No Wiz?

Heard that one, Alien8.

Still a goodie.

dill'DOH !

D'OH !

Quincy's had such great big fat yeast rolls...Oh, wait, was this a different Quincy?

I worked at McDonald's when I was in high school. We had people order burgers without pickles and when we told them it would take longer they said they would wait. Evidently some people have never mastered the fine art of pulling a pickle off a hamburger.

Pickles on a steak and cheese? what kind of heathen does that?

Is that a pickle in your burger or are you just happy to see me?

The 'Pickle Pullers' wbagnfarb.

Cindy, my grand dad believed you got a fresher burger if you ordered it without the pickle. In the QuinZy (per local pronunciation) incident, it appears the customer was already pickled.

Overpickling the prepickled is fraught with risk.

Wiredog, pickles are far from the worst thing to be found on steak & cheese in Mass.. I suspect it has something to do with all the Asian immigrants, but one is likely to find weird ingredients on a Massachusetts Steak & Cheese - some of them actually work (hot peppers for example) but most of them are just wrong.

NC, pickles leave residue. And I don't want to touch the icky thing. And I'd prefer to avoid the waste.

That said: McDonald's? Ew. I'm surprised their patrons are that picky.

I am a Masshole, and I cannot comprehend putting pickles on a steak & cheese. That's just wrong.

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