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May 13, 2013


Attack of the Creeping Ice

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Amazing ! Get the sandbags...err...salt bags !

I'll bet you thought it was Spring, didn't you ?

You rang?

Oh wait, I thought you said Ice.

What does this have to do with Lurch?

That was supposed to be Creepy Ice.

Quick, Doctor! The scotch!

Cherry syrup or lime?

In 1957 a horror movie producer straining for a new idea heard a proposal for a blob of ice slowly attacking a neighborhood and he replied, "Giant lizards and space mutants are believable, but an ice tsunami? Puh-leez!"

We're gonna need a lot more bourbon.

Need more global warming, er, cowbell!

I thought it was creeping lice.

"Why is it doing this!?!"

You were bad, madam. Really bad. Perhaps in a prior life. Now it's come for you.

For the wolf-wind is wailing at the doorways,
And the snow drifts deep along the road,
And the ice gnomes are marching from their Norways,
And the great white cold walks abroad.

We come from the land of the creeping ice,
It freaks us out like timid mice.
The hammer of the lake
Will drive our homes to new lands.
To fight the ice, sing and cry,
Canadian Tire, I am coming!

So say there's a warm spell, and the insurance adjuster comes, and you say "Well, see, this wall of ice marched across the lawn and through my doors and windows...."

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