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May 17, 2013


Coffee lovers may be able to get a shot of caffeine right from the toothbrush, if a patent from Colgate-Palmolive goes through.

(Thanks to Matt Filar, Jon Harris and Chuck Cody)


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And if you want foam, brush faster.

Colgate? How will the caffeine get through the invisible protective shield?
I'll be waiting in the Geezer Bus.

You say why? I say, why not?

Funny someone else showed this to me earlier. I suspect it is an attempt to make living or working with caffiends earlier. I'm of the opinion that if you really want to keep your head attached to your body then you shouldn't talk to people like me until you're sure we've had at least one cup of coffee, but some people like to live dangerously. The rules for dealing with caffiends: if before 10AM someone comes up to you and grunts, do not make any sudden movements or say anything (either of which might cause them to go into a caffeine deprivation rage) just slowly raise your arm and point in the direction of the coffee maker, being careful to keep your arm out of bite range.

Wrong demographic. They need to make this work for denture wearers.

Wouldn't the same toothbrush that gives you a boost with that morning ablution keep you awake if you brush before bed?

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