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May 01, 2013


St. Pete man calls 911 and asks cops to bring him Kool-Aid and drugs

(Thanks to Corey "I'm proud to be a Floridian" Smith and R&L Stevenson)


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What? He didn't want sex too? At least he cut out the middle man and saved the taxpayers some money by starting with the police. This way they didn't have to go to the trouble of a sting operation, swat team, etc. I think he was actually just trying to be a good citizen! Moron.

Yes, Sir, we'll send Deputy Jones right over. He's our kool-aid specialist.

The thing is, he really only wanted the Kool-Aid. The drugs were tacked on because calling 911 for Kool-Aid is just plain weird.

I think he meant Electric Kool Aid.

I picture the old commercial where a giant pitcher of red Kool-Aid comes bursting thru a wall. Real life isn't that neat is it ?

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