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May 17, 2013


Tasked with finding some way, any way to get people excited for Iron Man 3, the manager of a movie theater in Jefferson City, Missouri, hit upon the idea of having people dressed in full tactical gear and carrying what appeared to be assault weapons storm the screening

(Thanks to Sharon Chapman)


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Every one of them should spend the summer paving roads in a striped uniform.

What indeed, Dave? I hope they were heavily armed (and PypeTad doesn't eat my comment this time).

If those citizens had been holding loaded guns instead of cell phones, as the NRA believes they should . . .

Send the manager and the rest of them to Aurora, Colorado, and make them pick up trash with their teeth.

Guin, I agree with you 100%. This manager is an idiot.

Hey! It's good to know that the person who decided it would be a really great idea to have "Air Force One" make a low pass over the Statue of Liberty next to the WTC for a photo op finally found a new job!

Bad idea. They should have been dressed in IronMan iron suits and flown in with rocket boots. That would have worked.

Which is worse that there was a manager who thought up the idea or that none of his employees told him how stupid it was?

Well, we don't expect much from the employees who are mostly teens in their first job. I certainly think we can expect more from someone who rises to the vaulted ranks of manager of a movie theater. Apparently not.

Awful. Thank heavens no one died, and I vote with Guin.

I hope he's an ex-manager by now?

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