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May 19, 2013


Scientists study violent winds of Uranus

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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i wondered about that. that explains it. thank you.

At least they only blow in one direction.
And I'll believe the weather forecast on another planet when that blow-hard (of course) meteorologist on the TV can actually tell me if it's going to rain tomorrow where I am.

Maybe Urs, but not Mine. No scientist has been within fifty feet of me.

'Screaming winds of infernal violence alternate with periods of dead calm as one nears the surface of uranus'

= 2 days after taco bell: the calm after the storm

Let's send Al Gore there to study the extreme weather. Though his presence will probably make it worse.

Violent winds of Uranus? Violent winds of URANUS?!? We don't need no steenkin'.......oh, wait.....

In space no one can hear you poot. Neptune and Saturn are keeping their distance.

They call it a gas planet for a good reason.

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