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May 02, 2013


If you've wondered how astronauts throw up in zero gravity, wonder no more.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson


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I wouldn't mind having one of those in my truck -- just in case the thing goes airborn again.

I thought they just blew chow in the Tang jar.

I have to admit that I've had a fleeting curiosity about such things. But I do not have enough curiosity to watch the video. Nope, not going to take the bait.

The most impressive motion sickness I've been privileged to see was my BIL on a fishing trip.
I do have to say he did NOT have a weak stomach. It arched like a fountain.
That was the day he gave up fishing.

There are tours of the International Space Station here, but they don't mention the barf bags. Pretty cool though.


toenails floating around could be dangerous

oh i googled it-clipping nails-seems you could inhale them-or your cohort could. ech

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