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May 11, 2013


Do not mess with them.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Crack was involved. Seen, too!

At the time of her death, Louisa May Alcott was working on another novel, Waffle House Women.

You used to have to pay big bucks to get this stuff on PPV.

That chick was scattered, chunked and chopped.

Covered and smothered?

Scattered and chunked too, Wiredog. Great. Now I want some Waffle House hashbrowns.

"Next time you won't forget my hash browns, b!tch!"

"Check Please ! "

Chuck E. Cheese has sued Waffle House for copyright infringement. However, they also reached out and offered jobs to the 4 women.

I have to say that every single Waffle House I've ever been to, that is to say both of them, were islands of peace.

Comes from using somebody else's hair extensions without written permission...

We won't . . .

Steve, you are right...if one visits Casa de Waffle at the correct time of day.
I did not find a time in the story. However, the crowd at 2a is MUCH different than the crowd at 6a. I suspect that it has something to do with the average BAC of 2a patrons being around 0.19.

I blame the corn syrup stuff.

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