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May 08, 2013


Take a video tour of the ABBA museum.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Knowing me, knowing you, there is nothing we can do.

I LIKE Abba. There I said it. Tours should be given by a hunk named Fernando (for the gals) and any blonde bomb girl....may a cute 17 year old whose good on her feet (for the guys.)

I'll take a pass.

Video tour would be tolerable if I can turn the sound off.

Sorry - for this kind of attraction, video isn't good enough. I hold out for a first-person shooter app with destructible terrain.

This, BTW, is the Nugent Museum.

I never got to the actual tour video. I had to stop when the guy was shaving his chest. Did it get better after that?

And some people claim that holograms can't be used for evil purposes...

Mamma Mia, I wish I could go! But the plane would probably be late on Arrival, because they ran out of Chiquitita bananas. They actually had a bet on the plane, and The Winner Takes it All. I guess I'll just head off towards Hollywood, and watch the Dancing Queen.....

I'm not ashamed to admit I love ABBA.


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