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May 17, 2013


Georgia Man Burns Down Neighbor's House Over Unkempt Lawn

(Thanks to Ron G. and Jeffrey Brown)


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Very diplomatic.

Takes "GET OFF MY LAWN" to a new level.

Oh, I am in big trouble.

The lawn doesn't look that bad to me, but then again I live far enough into the boonies that if the neighbors complain I can just say I'm using the lawn as a hay field.

Fiendishly clever. The firefighters must have trampled the grass flat.

Fifteen years from now, as he breathes his last breath in a prison hospital, I doubt his last words are going to be "Totally worth it." I live in Georgia, and we feed prisoners a lot of baloney sandwiches on white bread with mustard.

In that case Alien8, no way he'll last 15 years.

Yep, death by baloney. He'll be praying for the end to come in five years.

Everyone with a Talking Heads song now stuck in their brains, raise a hand.

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