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May 07, 2013


Man Burrows Out Of Jail 'With A Spoon'

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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I guess that as the saying goes "Where there is a will, there is a way. He had a strong will

With a spoon? So cliche.

When I worked at our county jail we gave the inmates plastic sporks with their meals. I think that was cruel and unusual punishment. btw, I'm thinking of writing a country song called, "I was A Jail House Nurse".

And yet, nc, some of the inmates still managed to fashion lethal weapons out of them.

He spent a decade using a fork.

Yay for old-school. I think that's how the Count of Monte Cristo got out, not to mention several real WW2 escapes from POW camps.

We've had roofs like that.

I think nursecindy is on to something. A movie that includes prison AND nurses would be great. If you add biker chicks, you have a potential blockbuster.

And car crashes!

Oh, and since no one has done it yet, I'll suggest that when they catch him, the cops who say Niii will make him tunnel back in with ... A herring!

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