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May 15, 2013


The giant Hong Kong rubber duck is sinking.


(Thanks to Jon Harris and Jan in Grimsby)


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No! It's not sinking! It's just diving for a fish, right? Bwaaaaa!

If it sinks like a duck......

looks alittle down in the mouth

I think there's a little quack in the skin letting the air escape...

Oh, the humanity!

not much of an aquaduck.

Where else have we heard the term "planned deflation"?

kinda cute with his one eye looking up - he's just a little peking duck

Well, now isn't that just ducky.

That's precisely how my husband felt after he'd let me loose in Stanley Market for a couple of hours.

He's pining for the fjords

Rubber Duck out of Luck. Tomorrow: This Peking Duck Tastes Funny.


(Well, at least now the French can breathe easier...)

They could fix him with some duck tape.

Hit an iceberg ?

I don't know much about art, but I know a dying suck when I see one.

You've got to 'put down' the Duckie if you want to play the saxophone.

Lead poisoning?

Murder most fowl!

who's gonna pick up the bill?

Alackaday for Anatidae.

Rubber Ducky,
You're the one!
But sinking in Hong Kong?
That's no fun!
Rubber Ducky, we're all so through with you.

In Australia, they found joy,
Until someone stabbed our bathtub toy.
Rubber Ducky, we're all so sad for you.

(I can't possibly alter the chorus)

Every day when I make my way to the tubby
I see a little fella who's cute and yellow and chubby....

Julie Hagerty knew how to take care of this in the first "Airplane!" movie.

The dunk be sunk. Kerplunk.

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